E&G, British Council 공인 IELTS 시험 접수처 등록!

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What does E&G do as the Authorized IELTS Registration Agent?
  • Providing accurate information to potential candidates about IELTS and its administration by the British Council
  • Assisting candidates with the application process and collecting the test fee
  • Sending or delivering the application forms and corresponding fees to the British Council before the deadline for registration 
  • Making arrangements for the appropriate delivery of their candidates’ test report forms and any post test requirements
  • Promoting IELTS jointly with the British Council
  • Reservations must be made at least 5 weeks prior to test date for guaranteed slots.
  • Registration deadline is 2 weeks before the test date.
  • The completed application form together with the scanned copy of valid ID and test fee of Php 9,400 must be received by British Council on or before the registration deadline.


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IELTS Registration Agent
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