2017년 2월 E&G 아카데믹 일정

ENG DAVAO 0 2,786


February 02: MOCK IELTS TEST 

February 04: MOCK TOEIC TEST  

February 09: MOCK IELTS TEST

February 11: OFFICIAL TOEIC TEST (L&R)  

February 16: MOCK IELTS TEST 

February 16: OFFICIAL IELTS SPEAKING TEST (Academic & General Training) 

February 17: OFFICIAL IELTS SPEAKING TEST (Academic & General Training) 

February 18: OFFICIAL IELTS WRITTEN TEST (Academic & General Training)  

February 18: MOCK TOEIC TEST  

February 23: MOCK IELTS TEST

February 24: Monthly Evaluation Test 

February 25: MOCK TOEIC TEST

February 27: Deadline for the OFFICIAL TOEIC TEST in March


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