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Story from KIM, ANH HOANG (Serena)








Comprehensive Course
9 weeks (March 5 2017~ May 6 2017)

[Translated Korean] 

정말 제가 좋아하는 모든 사람들에게 고맙다고 말하고 싶어요. 제가 6개월 동안 이곳에 머물 수 있다고 생각했었지만.. 인생엔 어찌할 수 없거나 예측 못하는 일들이 많죠. 어쨌든 오늘 저는 E&G의 모든 분께 감사하다고 말하고 싶네요.

가끔 의사소통이 어려울 때도 있었지만 항상 가르치기 위해 인내심을 유지해주신 선생님들에게 정말 감사드리고 항상 많은 조언을 해준 Cai 그리고 Vann 고마워요, 제가 질문을 여쭤볼 때마다 도와준 Joan 선생님,  Jessa, Annie, Mhyl, Cherel 이 외에 다른 선생님들에게도 가르쳐주심에 감사하는 바입니다.

항상 학생들을 위해 쾌적한 공부환경을 제공하기 위해 노력하는 STAFF 분들도 감사해요. 볼 때마다 항상 웃으면서 인사해준 Joanne, Jean 정말 그리울 거예요.

특히, 제가 베트남 요리를  수 있게 해준 주방 STAFE 분들도 고맙고, 제 친구가 되어주신 매니저님을 비롯한 학생분들도 감사해요.

우린 정말 아름다운 추억들을 만들었었죠.  기억할게요. SM 몰, 가든 바이더 베이 등등. 여기 있는 모든 분이 저에게 많은 것을 알게 해줬어요. 전에는 잘하지 못했던, 어떻게 듣고 이해하고 공유하는지를 배웠고, E&G에서 지냈던 시간을 절대 잊지 못할 거에요. 만약 제 꿈을 이루지 못하더라도 다른 방법으로 최선을 다할 거에요. 저는 영어를 계속 공부하고 이곳에서 공부한 모든 것들을 헛되게 하지 않을거에요.

여러분도 언젠가 꿈을 이룰 수 있기 바랄게요. 

"인생은 짧고 아직 젊을 때 웃으세요." 

마지막으로 베트남에 올 기회가 있으면 다시 만나요! 고맙습니다.


[Original English Version] 


I wanna say thank you to all of you who I really like so much. Before I thought I can stay here for 6 months but u know...: life has a lot of unpredictable events. Although, we don't really wanna do, we still have to choose... Anyway, today I wanna say thanks you to all of teachers, staff and students in E&G.


Thanks MY TEACHERS- who always keep their patience for teaching English even though sometimes the communications are difficult. Thank u teacher Cai, teacher Vann who always give me many advices, teacher Joan who always help me when I wanna ask questions , teacher Jessa, Annie, Mylth, Cherel who taught me in my classes and other teachers even though we didn't have many chances to talk.


Thank you STAFF- who always work hard to create the most comfortable studying environment for students...- who always smile and say hello when they see me.I will miss u so much Joanne, Jean. 

Especially, thank u kitchen staff as they let me cook Vietnamese foods in E&G.

Thank you MANAGERS & STUDENTS here - who became my friends. 

We had amazing memories together.I will remember SM, Garden by the bay and Canavico so much.

All of people here taught me a lot of things. I leaned how to listen, how to understand and how to share... 

which I haven't done good before.


I can't forget the time when I stayed in E&G.  I promise that although if I can't purpose my dream, I will try my best in different ways. I will keep to study English and won't waste every thing what I studied here. 

I hope u guys can achieve your dreams someday and enjoy during your journey. 

" Life is short, smile while you still have teeth"

Finally , if u have chance to go to Vietnam, please tell me then we can meet together again. Thank you.



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