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인기 Story from SASSA, YUICHIRO (YU)

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SASSA, YUICHIRO (YU)Comprehensive Course8 weeks (May 29 2016 ~ June 26 2016)[Translated Korean vers… 더보기

인기 Story from SUZUKI, MIDORI (Ms. Green)

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SUZUKI, MIDORI (Ms. Green)Comprehensive Course8 weeks (September 12 2016 ~ November 04 2016)[Transla… 더보기

인기 Story from KIKUCHI, TAKEO (SHO)

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KIKUCHI, TAKEO (SHO)Comprehensive & English + Internship Course1 Comprehensive Course : 24 weeks… 더보기

인기 Story from PHAM, VAN SY (SAVIO)

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PHAM, VAN SY (SAVIO)IELTS Course12 weeks(July 18 2016 ~ October 07 2016)[Translated Korean version]저… 더보기
페이스북에 공유 트위터에 공유 ENG DAVAO - YouTube 다바오 이앤지 어학원 : 네이버 블로그
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